Water pumping for households, poultry farms and small fields


UP TO 3000 L/DAY

Battery Capacity

LFP 13.3 Ah

Max Power

125 W

Solar power for a reliable water supply

This kits provides allows you to provide water for small poultry farms and field irrigation. Larger custom pumps may also be fitted to the system using DC/DC converters or inverters. Customers benefit from additional lighting, phone charging and more.

1x Solego 160Wh

2x 50W solar panel

4x LED ceiling lamps (1W/2W/4W)

1x submersible 12V water pump

Easy Plug & Play

No technician is needed to install the Solarworx Water Pump Kit. Additional LEDs or other appliances can be powered by using y-cables. The USB ports can be used for phone charging and running smaller devices such as radios and ventilators.

Compatible with a range of products

Compatible with a range of products

A fully integrated solution

Our systems are Pay-As-You-Go enabled. It gives distributors the flexibility to offer the Solego systems on a consumer loan. Users can easily pay their instalments via mobile money. Therefore, all our systems can be seamlessly integrated into all the common last-mile management platforms. Tokens can be sent to the customers’ mobile phones or directly to the systems with GPRS. Further functions are currently explored.