Extendable PayGo Solar Home System

A smart solar solution for households and small businesses in off-grid areas around the world. Each system comes with 80Wh or 160Wh battery capacity which allows to run various household devices. Two solar panels of 50W each provide clean solar power. Whenever more power or battery capacity is needed additional systems can be stacked on top. PayGo integration allows flexible payment in installments.


Keypad port


pv panel port

battery level

usb port

bio plastic

DC 12V port

System features

Unique modular design

Two different modules of 80Wh and 160Wh can be stacked on top of each other to increase the battery capacity and the maximum power output. Each system includes an MPPT and accommodates up to two 50W solar panels. A battery expansion pack with another 160Wh is also available.

Microgrid ready

A connection to the grid is not required. However the system can be connected to a public utility or become a micro-grid of its own by interconnecting neighbouring systems.

Local language voice output

The system informs you about the current status in local languages such as English, French, Swahili, Wolof and Fula. Illiterate customers are able to use the system.

Eco-friendly and health protecting

Clean solar electricity with highly efficient DC appliances substitute harmful kerosene lamps and diesel generators. The case of the system consists of a biopolymer – wood with plastic-like properties. The LiFePO4 batteries don’t contain any rare earths.

Robust and affordable

Benefit from high product quality engineered in Germany. Latest LiFePO4 battery technology paired with innovative charging algorithms ensure a long-lasting battery. The efficient design reduces production overheads and leads to a very competitive solution.

Enable households and entrepreneurs

A variety of business opportunities arise. Small businesses can extend opening hours with our lamps, barber shops can power hair cutters, radio and lamps and a phone-charging business ships out-of-the-box with every system. Water supply for chicken farms is provided and fields can be irrigated with our water pump.

Global system monitoring

Distributors get access to a remote system monitoring platform. Even without deep technical knowledge the performance of each individual system can be tracked. In maintenance cases problems can be easily identified and solved. Furthermore distributors are given opportunities for cross-sellings, so that after-sales become more effective.

More energy autonomy

Our battery extension pack comes with another 160Wh and can be combined with every Solego 80/160. It increases energy autonomy without replacing the whole system.

Solego 80 Wh

Pack 160 Wh

Combination 240 Wh

Better together

All kind of 12V appliances can be connected to our Solego Products. Power inverters for AC devices can be used, too.

Better together

All kind of 12V appliances can be connected to our Solego Products. Power inverters for AC devices can be used, too.

A fully integrated solution

Our systems are Pay-As-You-Go enabled. It gives distributors the flexibility to offer the Solego systems on a consumer loan. Users can easily pay their instalments via mobile money. Therefore, all our systems can be seamlessly integrated into all the common last-mile management platforms. Tokens can be sent to the customers’ mobile phones or directly to the systems with GPRS. Further functions are currently explored.