Turn your VE.Direct Victron devices into PayGo systems​


Easy to connect


No Current limitation

Remote monitoring

Optional on request

Turn your VE.Direct Victron devices into PayGo systems

The Victron Paygo Dongle connects to Victron devices equipped with a VE.Direct interface. The dongle converts a Victron powered solar system into a paygo system where customers can either pay for the system usage or the purchase of the systems in installments.

The paygo feature locks and unlocks the device function depending on the unlock code (token) that was entered into the keypad or was sent to the device remotely by the optional GSM modem integrated into the keypad device. The keypad device is compatible to all known token systems like the OpenPAYGO™ Token. The optional remote monitoring feature roams into most of the larger Telco networks worldwide and allows remotely monitoring your connected VE.Direct enabled device.

Easy to connect

No current limitation

Remote monitoring (optional on request)

Easy way of token generation

The PayGo switch is principally compatible to all known PayGo platforms like PaygOps and Paygee but also can be used with an proprietary implementation of the Open PayGo Token.

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Increase customer base

The Dongle can greatly increase the total addressable customer base as it is now easier to sell devices on loan. If customers default the dongle will make sure service is interrupted. Click on the video to see a demonstration of the Victron Dongle.

A fully integrated solution

Our systems are Pay-As-You-Go enabled. It gives distributors the flexibility to offer the Solego systems on a consumer loan. Users can easily pay their instalments via mobile money. Therefore, all our systems can be seamlessly integrated into all the common last-mile management platforms. Tokens can be sent to the customers’ mobile phones or directly to the systems with GPRS. Further functions are currently explored.