Leap-frogging the fossil energy age

Our goal is to foster the global energy transition and improve the livelihood of millions of families living in off-grid areas around the world.

We’re a team of off-grid experts, having put all of our knowledge and experience into developing a new generation of solar power systems and DC grids. We work together with professional, local distributors to cover the last-mile to end-customers.

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Our Products

Solego 80/160

Our modular solar home and business solution. Available in two sizes: 80Wh and 160Wh.

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Grid Module

Connect people and let them share energy. Start with only a few systems and grow step-by-step.

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Our range of high efficient and robust DC appliances supply households and accelerate businesses.

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Field irrigation With our submersible water pump and one 80Wh system fields can be easily (drip) irrigated with around 2500 liters per day. Larger pumps can be powered with multiple systems in stack combination. Expenses for electricity drop substantially compared to diesel powered solutions. Rural Entrepreneurs Ngamu Nyouma lives in Sekande, Extrême-Nord Cameroon, where a grid connection is unaffordable. He invested into a 80Wh Solego system and set up a small barber shop with phone charging. Despite the monthly Pay-Go installments, he now has more disposable income, which he plans to invest in another shop in the near future. Read the full story Rural
Poultry farms With only one 160Wh Solego system and our submersible pump, water and lighting can be provided for a poultry farm with more than 1000 chickens. During the day water tanks can be filled and the battery powers the 2/4 Watt LEDs during the night.

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