Solar grid-like power for households and shops


5 hours

Battery Capacity

LFP 13.3 Ah

Max Power

125 W

Solar power to fit your energy needs

Reliable, clean solar power for private households and small shops. An additional Solego 160 can be added to extend energy autonomy.

1x Solego 160Wh

1x 50W solar panel

1x Solar TV 24'' (32'' & 39'' also avail.)

4x LED ceiling lamps (1W/2W/4W)

1x Stand fan

1x portable stereo radio

Easy Plug & Play

No technician is needed to install the Solarworx Home & Entertainment Kit. Additional LED Lamps or other appliances can be powered by using y-cables. The USB ports can also be used for phone charging and running smaller devices such as radios and ventilators.

Compatible with a range of products

Compatible with a range of products

A fully integrated solution

Our systems are Pay-As-You-Go enabled. It gives distributors the flexibility to offer the Solego systems on a consumer loan. Users can easily pay their instalments via mobile money. Therefore, all our systems can be seamlessly integrated into all the common last-mile management platforms. Tokens can be sent to the customers’ mobile phones or directly to the systems with GPRS. Further functions are currently explored.