Smart Switch for SHS retrofitting ​


12V & 24V

Current Limitation

20A Max

Remote monitoring

Optional on request

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PayGo Switch for SHS retrofitting

The PayGo switch is typically used in Solar Home Sytems that consist of the standard configuration Charge controller, external battery and solar panel. The switch is then introduced between the Charge controller load terminal and the actual load. In order to prevent tempering charge controller and PayGo Switch are placed into the same outer box. The PayGo switch relies on the protection features like undervoltage and overcurrent of the Charge controller. As long as the timer has not counted to zero the device switches on the load and will cut once the timer reaches zero. The timer also continues counting even when the SHS has switched off the load.​

12V & 24V

MAX 20A (for AC SHS switch via relay on request)

Remote Control (optional on request)

Easy way of token generation

The PayGo switch is principally compatible to all known PayGo platforms like PaygOps and Paygee but also can be used with an proprietary implementation of the Open PayGo Token.

A fully integrated solution

Our systems are Pay-As-You-Go enabled. It gives distributors the flexibility to offer the solar home system on a consumer loan. Users can easily pay their instalments via mobile money. Therefore, all our systems can be seamlessly integrated into all the common last-mile management platforms. Tokens can be sent to the customers’ mobile phones or directly to the systems with GPRS ( if the remote monitoring feature is built in). Further functions are currently explored.

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