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Our goal is to foster the energy transition through robust and affordable solar solutions that we distribute through local partners. Therefore Solarworx has developed the next generation of PayGo Solar Home System. Our solutions are modular, smart and affordable.

We are currently strengthening our presence in Africa and Southeast Asia. That is why we are looking for top-tier Distributor Partners to solve the global energy access problems together.

Sounds like you would fit the role? Feel free to reach us in the form below.



Benefit from high product quality engineered in Germany. Latest LFP battery technology paired with innovative charging algorithms ensure a long-lasting battery.

Support and assistance

We will provide technical and sales trainings to your team, remotely or on the ground. Our marketing team will support you with materials and consultancy for a successful rollout.


We offer 5 years of warranty for the solar panel, 2 years for the Solego product line and LED bulbs and 1 year of warranty for all appliances.


Rural electrification experience

We’re looking for companies working in the solar off-grid sector for at least one year. Paygo process experience is appreciated.


We prefer distributors with a solid balance sheet (> 50 000 $ annual turnover) and experience with micro financing institutions, banks and funds.

Marketing experience

Distributors should have experience in sales and marketing of solar home systems. A solid sales agent network will facilitate a quick rollout.

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